2014 Creative Program

Mbaasem’s Creative Writing Program for 2014 will comprise of four major activities:

Lecture Series

The lecture series will make it possible for established and contemporary writers to talk about, and share, their work with emerging writers and readers. Ghanaian writers and other African writers will participate in the series. the 2014 lecture series will feature writers such as Amma Darko, Kojo Laing, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and more.

Workshops and Courses

These workshops and courses will cover all aspects of creative writing and publishing. The aim is to introduce emerging writers to concepts and issues pertinent to their work. Longer length courses spanning months will be geared to mentoring writers who are working on their manuscripts.

Topics to be covered in the workshops and courses will include:

  • Writing Fiction
  • Creative non-fiction
  • Memoir and biography writing
  • Getting children and the Youth to write
  • Literacy Journalism
  • Business Writing
  • The Art of Revision and Editing
  • Children’s Literature
  • From manuscript to book
  • E-publishing
  • Blogging and online literary writing
  • Script writing
  • Publishing and Marketing in Ghana
  • Reaching a wider audience in Africa

Iyali, an Online Literacy Magazine

Iyali will be launched and published in 2014. It is an online literary magazine which will:

  1. Promote literary works by Ghanaian and African writers, especially emerging writers.
  2. Establish a platform where writers can network and showcase their work.
  3. Promote writing to Ghanaian and African audiences

We plan to reach at least one million readers by the end of 2014. In addition, a printed magazine edition will be produced at the end of the year.

A Book of collected Short Stories, Poems and other works by Ghanaian Writers.

Mbaasem will publish a collection of short works by Ghanaian Writers in 2014. The book will feature the work of established and emerging writers. In addition, a section will be devoted to short stories and poems by young writers of 13 to 18 years. We are in the process of collecting and editing the works. We will also include material produced by participants in the Creative Writing Program. Expected date of publication is November 2014.