Our Work

Mbaasem was founded in 2001 by Ghanaian writer Ama Ata Aidoo. Mbaasem’s mission is to support the development and sustainability of African women writers and their artistic output.  Mbaasem’s goal is to create an enabling environment for women to write, tell and publish their stories.The organization pursues its goals through the following objectives:

·    To promote women writers specifically and writers in general

·    To form a dynamic, thriving network of writers who will interact meaningfully with each other, share ideas, promote and encourage each other’s works

·    To promote reading, writing and literacy, especially among children and the youth

·    To provide programs, technical resources and facilities that support and enhance the creative processes of writers

·    To find and promote new and emerging writers

·    To empower writers in their use of art as a tool for activism, social change, gender equality and African development


Our Past Programs and Track Record

1.       Hosting of YariYariNtoaso: Continuing the Dialogue – An International Conference on Literature by Women of African Ancestry. It took place in May 2013 and brought together women writers from Africa, the Caribbean, Europe and North America.

2.       Regional writing residencies for women writers

3.       Creative writing; fiction and non-fiction, workshops

4.       The Women Writers Forum. The club was formed after the first writers’ workshop and comprises established and aspiring women writers in Ghana. The club meets once a month.

5.       Joint collaboration with The Graphic Corporation on creating the Literary Arts Page

6.       Drama workshops on HIV/AIDS

7.       Book launches

8.       Hosting of public readings for writers

9.       Creative and capacity building workshops with support from AWDF and World Bank Small Grants programme.

10.   Operation of a traditional story-telling group, AkokwaMpanyinsemKodzifo, that focuses on various societal issues through the art of story-telling.